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  • get up at crack of dawn & dry hair before rolling blackout starts & electricity goes off
  • have "breakfast" of nescafe & toast
  • tie bags to top of van & get air in tires before going to airport
  • drag bags into airport & check them
  • fly from Quito to Guayaquil
  • fly from Guayaquil to Baltra Island
  • drag bags from baggage claim area to dirt outside the airport entry & wait around
  • drag bags onto really crowded bus
  • drag bags off of really crowded bus & throw them onto roof of ferry
  • ride ferry across channel to Santa Cruz Island
  • drag bags from ferry to new, uncrowded bus
  • drive across entire Island of Santa Cruz (past the tortoise research station midway across the island) to Puerto Ayora
  • drag bags off bus @ Puerto Ayora & drag them to dock
  • get on dinghy to go to GAP Adventurer III, our home for the next 8 days
  • have first briefing; demand water after long trip :)
  • get back on dinghy to the dock to get in a van to go halfway back across the island to see the tortoises
  • REPEAT all steps, in reverse, (substituting a mad dash thru the Darwin Center before Lonesome George is awake for the tortoise visit), at the end of the trip to get back to Baltra.....
  • take wheeled luggage next time :)